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SnagIt v2021.2
23 Jan 2021
SnagIt v2019.1
16 Jan 2019
SnagIt v2018.1
19 Apr 2018
Editorial review
SnagIt v18.0
8 Nov 2017
Editorial review
SnagIt v13.1
23 Jan 2017
Editorial review
SnagIt v13.0
26 Oct 2015
SnagIt v12.4
23 Jun 2015
SnagIt v12.3
24 Feb 2015
SnagIt v12.2
26 Aug 2014
SnagIt v12.1
10 Jul 2014
SnagIt v12.0
13 May 2014
Editorial review
SnagIt v11.4
14 Jan 2014
SnagIt v11.3
20 Nov 2013
Editorial review
SnagIt v11.2
19 Mar 2013
Editorial review
SnagIt v11.1
9 Oct 2012
SnagIt v11.0
28 Feb 2012
SnagIt v10.0
9 Feb 2012
SnagIt v9.1
9 Dec 2008
Editorial review
SnagIt v9.0
10 Jun 2008
SnagIt v8.2
14 Feb 2008
Editorial review
SnagIt v8.1
25 Jul 2008
SnagIt v8.0
18 Feb 2008
SnagIt v7.2
16 Feb 2008
SnagIt v7.0
25 Jul 2008

What's new

- Selecting multiple images and clicking "Create Image from Template" now uses your selected images.
- Can now paste images directly into a Template drop zone.
- Template placeholder text should behave better now.
- Deleting image from Template drop zone no longer keeps you in that that drop zone.
- Escape key will now cancel changes in a Template drop zone.
- Sharing should now respect the file type and the selected sharing options for all file types.
- Images within Template drop zones will now snap to the sides and center of the drop zone.
- Fixed a startup crash some users were experiencing on Windows 10 v1903.
- Fixed a crash when importing and exporting Capture presets.
- Fixed an issue where switching between images would change some tool properties.
- Improved the look of the Snagit Capture tray icon when recording video.
- Improved Editor performance when cropping images or working with cropped images.
- Restored the ability to save static GIFs with transparency.
- Fixed ability to save PDF as landscape.
- Adding Evernote and Twitter as sharing destinations (previously optional downloads on the TechSmith website).
- Sharing to Email with a preset subject and body should now work again.
- Other bug fixes and localization updates.

v2019.1 [16 Jan 2019]
- Now able to add text and Step graphics to your combined images.
- Now able to choose theme colors, font, and canvas orientation for your combined images.
- Added checkbox to view original image while working in Simplify tool.
- Added rectangle shape to Magnify tool.
Capture Window:
- Added a new recording component for system audio on newer hardware.
- Capture window Preset tooltips are no longer blank on Mojave.
- Added Enter as a hotkey to quickly take an image capture from All-in-One.
- Resolved a problem with multiple “try again” alerts on failed captures.
- Open or expanded menus no longer block Snagit from capturing on Mojave.
- Tagging now correctly works on multiple images in the Library.
- Added more British English stamp search terms.
- Customized stamp search terms are no longer overwritten after an upgrade.
- Stamp search keywords now save on popover close.
- Resolved inaccurate stamp category tooltips.
- Fixed crash that can happen when loading stamps.
- Snap lines on top side of small objects no longer disappear.
- Recents Tray no longer allows no media to be selected.
- Editor no longer allows dragging a video to the canvas.
- Multiple polygon shapes expanding canvas now return to original size.
- Cursor from capture can now be correctly undone.
- Fit to screen is properly preserved on undo/revert.
- Combining images updates to correctly exclude graphics that exist completely outside the canvas.
- Fixed a crash in the Favorites tool when changing font sizes.
- Resolved an issue with snapping for polygon Blur shapes.
- Deleting styles or tools that are favorited no longer result in blank Favorites Quick Styles.
- Edit Text now correctly fills with an Auto-Fill Background.
- Resolved an issue where multiple Quick Styles could be selected at the same time.
- Video recording no longer fails after unplugging a microphone while Snagit is not running.
- Resolved an issue with repeated microphone warning messages on Mojave 10.14.
- Resolved an issue where videos could result in 0:00 timestamp in the Library.

v2018.1 [19 Apr 2018]
- Fixed moving the video selection area, so new location is recognized.
- Increased Twitter character limit to 280.
- Improved Canvas Snapping performance while zoomed.
- Fixed hotkeys to work with function keys when Snagit does not have focus.
- Fixed crash when deploying Snagit with custom output paths and allow installed outputs folder to be created when using environment macros.
- Fixed OneNote output to save settings for future.
- Updated stamp cursor to reflect Stamp Tool icon.
- Updated offline PDF help documentation.
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

v13.1 [23 Jan 2017]
- Switch between sets of quick styles and colors in the color picker.
- Define multiple sets of quick styles per tool and share those sets with other users within an organization.
- Updated selection tool to automatically fill the backgrounds after moving or deleting content from your captures.
- Allows you to easily change around or remove objects from screenshots without having to recapture.
- Select a point and adjust the tolerance to select like colors.
- Works with Background Auto-fill.
- Extract text from callouts and text markup within Snagit and get the text translated by exchanging an XLIFF file.
- Take any capture and automatically add on the application name, version number, when it was captured and on what OS.
- Supporting the latest changes Microsoft has been making to Windows 10.
- Better selection areas with the capture crosshairs.
- Touch improvements for multi-touch devices like Surfaces.

v13.0 [26 Oct 2015]
May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

v12.3 [24 Feb 2015]
Version 12
24 February, 2015: Snagit v12.3 Minor Release
You can now sign in to your TechSmith account in-product and on the website
Added My Places, which includes OneDrive for Business integration, and import and export from OneDrive for Business
You now can shrink the recording controls to the system tray
Added the ability to use the Snagit recorder directly with TechSmith Relay
Improved capture workflow
Bug fixes

v11.1 [9 Oct 2012]
- Added system audio recording on Windows 7 and Windows 8 only.
- Added Video COM support.
- Updated the look of Snagit Editor's toolbars and added a File tab.
- Resolved the DLL Preloading Vulnerability due to Snagit loading libraries with elevated privileges.
- Fixed a scrolling bug in Firefox that results in a corrupt image if Firefox's zoom setting is set to anything but 100%.
- Fixed a bug where Snagit failed to capture a web page's URL in Chrome.
- Fixed a video recording bug that resulted in green ghosting when attempting to record the taskbar.
- Fixed a bug where Snagit activated a webcam on start up.
- Fixed a bug where the second arrow added to a line does not match the first arrow.

v11.0 [28 Feb 2012]
-Show them what you do, and how you do it! Using MPEG-4 video format you can now create screen videos for demos or quick reviews, and share them instantly to YouTube, Facebook, and more!
-Add some flair to your screen captures with new and improved stamps!
-Snagit now shrinks your large captures so they
immediately fit on your canvas and offers more
zoom proportions for you to edit your images
to the perfect size..
-Never misspell a word in your screenshot again! Snagit will tell you what you’ve spelled wrong and help you create consistently error free callouts.

v9.1 [9 Dec 2008]
SnagIt stores the captures even if not saved.
Can search where you captured images.

v8.2 [14 Feb 2008]
New in SnagIt 8.2: Compatibility with Vista and Office 2007, new output accessories for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, MindManager and Flickr, printing improvements to print captures exactly the way you see them onscreen, and new callout styles including plain and glassy for more flexibility than ever.

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